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1) First of all, how do you think summer bridal wear for destination brides can be classified depending on weather, location of wedding for example beach and what would be the constituents under such categories?

For Beach wedding,keep the look ethereal and simple complimenting the serene race of the sand and sea.Wispy fabrics,delicate embellishment and neutral palette works best.Try shades from oyster,baby pink,lilac to sand,camel and tan along with ivory and duck egged blue for ethereal & surreal feel.

For Hilly celebration get inspired by the local cultures and incorporate their rich textile and vibrant shades in the wardrobe.Intense pure palette works best in natural shades of turmeric,red,henna,etc.Go organic in fabric selection like silk blends,natural dyes etc.

Big Fat Bollywood dream,activate the celluloid glamor and please do  have a color co-oridinated extraganza of popular Bollywood movies and dazzle the European and English landscape with dash of vibrant India.The contrasts brings out the best of both of the world.Add Damask motifs in brocades,experiment with delicate tulle,lace can-can,etc and sparkle it up with vibrant Indian palette of fuschia, Tangerine,mango,parrot green,etc.

2) What would be the difference/marker for the destination bride’s summer couture that would specialize it in terms of extravagance/experimentation, fabrics/colours, designs/cuts etc?
Easy to maintain,easy to pack and easy to wear is the key for destination wedding.Light weight lehengas which have quirky feel to it in terms of cut and style are must have.Off beat palette and clever mix of fabrics is growing stronger as trend.innovate and incorporate traditional heirloom accents in form of embroideries,textile,motifs,etc to have that belonging connect.Be bold and be different in choice of fashion color over traditional maroons,magenta,red and green.European Lace,imported tulle,Italian lycra, along with crush silks and silk cottons works well over traditional jamevar,velvets,etc.Hybrid styles like the Pre-pleated sarees,lehenga saris and sari gowns  are still growing strong.

3) Destination weddings involve theme weddings executed with finesse — how can bridal wear be adapted to such themes of destination weddings?
Be smart and think out of the box.Don’t directly interpret the theme as it has to be in literal sense.Also add your special touch and experiment.Be prepared always with a safe back-up if the planned look just doesnt work at last moment.Think simple and edit.Plan and synchronized shopping not only with the wedding planner but also with both of the families so they don’t end up looking two costume parties at battlefield.

4) Any fashion/style tip for the destination bride-to-be?
Research well in advance and always go for customization.Don’t just follow themes for heck of it,indulge in your own likings and always choose those designs which compliments your body type and what actually makes you happy irrespective to trends and tradition.Plan the whole look from nail color to hairstyle,from jewellery to the watch,all those details makes a crucial impact on the entire final outcome.

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