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Before we get started on how to save money, the first step is to be realistic about how much a wedding costs. The average wedding is anywhere from 25 lacs onwards. If you are reading this article, that price is probably way over your budget and you’re looking to save money on your wedding.The good news  is, you can still have a beautiful wedding if you cut costs on the larger items and  join the  popular movement of do it yourself brides.


Let’s start with the most costly items on the list of wedding expenses. First up, the wedding venue. For a destination Wedding, you can easily spend approx 50 lacs on the venue alone for 150 guests.  There are a few options to save on your venue. First, we start with your wedding date. Off season weddings are cheaper, and if you want to take it a step further, you can have your wedding on a weeknight for additional savings.


Another option to save money on your Wedding budget is to rent a beautiful vacation home and turn it into a venue, although a little hard to come by. You also would have to take into consideration the rental of chairs, tables and tablecloths as well as décor; however this route alone can save you in lacs. Select a house by the water and take it further by having your ceremony there too and having out of town guests use the house to crash for the night.


 A good fancy wedding dress can easily take a major chunk out of your budget. If that is not within your scope, you have a few options. The first option is to shop from the sale racks only; finding dresses at up to 50% off will do the trick. Option number two, some shops will sell the display dresses at ridiculously low prices, so ask around. Finally, you can rent a dress or buy one from a bride who just got married and is selling it online.


The details count too, as they all add up in the end. Items like themed decor, accommodation or favors can end up in the lacs once all is said in done. There are tons of other small details that will allow you to save money on your Wedding Planner book. Once you have the larger items out of the way, the smaller ones are easier to be frugal with.

Remember, a frugal wedding does not have to sacrifice quality or elegance. Your wedding deserves the best, and you can still have timeless beauty on a budget.

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