10 Things Couples Tend To Forget On Their Big Day!

So, your big day is in sight and you have planned, with or without a professional help, all that is there to a wonderful wedding. Well, congratulations are in store. A milestone event of such importance and magnitude requires a great deal of planning and groundwork. As an Event Planner, I have seen many weddings missing out on simple intricate details which lead from awkward moments to serious embarrassments. Well, I have put below a list of such subtleties for you lovely couples to take note. Happy Wedding!

1. To Eat


Dear pretty brides, now that you are in the dress its perfectly fine to eat. As a planner I always make sure that the couple is sent a ‘hors d’oeuvres as they usually don’t get an opportunity to grab a bite while greeting their guests. So eat little bites and avoid passing out in your own wedding. After all, it’s better to tuck in your tummy for a shot than to have memories of you conking off on your big day.

2. Planning Entries

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Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and legion of events that we cater for. Couples often don’t emphasize on how to make a “Special Entry “in the venue of the events. We need to understand that it’s your special day and if not all events, but the main ones deserve a special entry by all means. So stop finding your joy in the ordinary & make it a thing to remember for your guests.

3. Having A Guest Book

Guest book!

Guest Books are FUN memories! Trust us on this, many couples usually forget to invest into a good guest book. We all know that all the guests do not get a chance to express their heart felt wishes, given the circumstances, on the wedding day, so your guestbook caters to that.
You will thank us for when you read the funny, heart-warming &sweet wishes that you will have for lifetime.

4. Speeches!


I remember this instance when I had a really early morning call from one of my Bride and as soon as I answered, she went *first few lines of frustration censored* “The speeches were supposed to happen at the wedding, I forgot to tell you!Can you please do something about it!’” Aaah the pain. We did shift it to the reception then! Make sure the person in charge or the Planner is well informed about when & who will make the speech, so even if you forget it’s taken care of. How well the speech goes, keep your fingers crossed.

5. Le- Presents

Gift Gif

Oh yes, you do. Your presents will serve as memories and you don’t want to leave them behind. It’s advisable that a family member takes charge of the presents& sentimental items that will be gifted at the Wedding / Reception. So right from your wedding gifts, money envelopes, wedding shoes, hand purses, the ring box and many such little things which can be easily forgotten when you are dancing away the night, make sure you have them safely taken care of.

6. Wedding Registry & Licenses


So you will be off for your honeymoon soon, a much deserved break after the tiring wedding shenanigans. But Oops! You completely forgot about the wedding certificate/ registry. Most countries require legal documents of marriage from couples. Make sure you get all the legal work done to avoid awkward situations later!

7. A Professional Helping Hand


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional,wait until you hire an amateur”.No not scaring you, my dear couples, just suggesting that a professional hand is all you need on your most important day.The professional will take-care of all the points mentioned above and many other things which you may tend to forget/ overlook. So if not a full-fledged wedding planner we suggest on-day managers for your wedding.

8. TIP!


Just do it! It’s such an auspicious occasion and couples often forget to tip people. Even if your planner pays gratuities to the vendors, it’s important for you to acknowledge the hard-work of people.Now the biggest question is whom to tip? We suggest you start with the Hotel/Venue staff, Waiters, Bartenders, Florists, Drivers, etc. You might want to carry a few extra envelopes in case you forget someone.

9. Your Time as a Couple

giphy (2)

OMG! Like it’s your big day and so many emotions at play at every moment. As a couple you just need to breathe and let it sink in. Relish the moment, let the smiles and the kisses flow. Forgetting what needs to be done next is really fine when you are trying to take in so much and remember something so beautiful for the rest of your lives.

10. Saying Thank you


Two small words that holds greater value than any-other gift. Often couples are so overwhelmed with the events transpiring that they tend to forget to say a simple thank you. We suggest you to take a moment and thank everyone for all the love & support, in person or through any medium.

So, well keep these in mind when you plan your wedding. If you can think of any addition to the list, leave a comment below!

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